March 2008

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Duck Dive In Aid Of RNLI 2008

If it's St Patrick's Day then it's time for the Annual Duck Dive in Portstewart in aid of Portrush Lifeboats.

Today was a beautiful day for the divers and as usual the 2 lifeboats from Portrush went out to support the crowds. Chairman Rosemary Bell and Operations Manager Robin Cardwell were along with the Duck Divers helping them in and out of the water.
Robin set off a flare to get the fun started and they were off.
At one stage young crewmember Karl O'Neill jumped in to prove that the crew are prepared to have a bit of fun as well!

The rest of crew and operations team watched from a safe distance on the relief lifeboat.

The crew would like to thank everyone who took part and to Henry, Charley and Philip for their organisation once again! Pictures are in the Photo Gallery.